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We’re looking for a full-time Drupal Developer.

We need a quick-thinking Drupal developer that can use technology to solve big content problems. You’ll build big systems that focus on efficiency and ease of use. You’ll use web standards and best practice (and some old fashioned vim and vigor) to create elegant code and interfaces.

We’re not going to tell you what to do – we’re counting on you to figure out the real problem and how to solve it. We need someone that’s not afraid to ask questions or pipe up with new ideas. We want you to be ready, willing, and excited. You’ll need to be fluent in Drupal-ese, understanding what content types, views, templates, features, and modules are and how to configure them. You’ll have to be comfortable writing your own custom modules using a combination of PHP, Javascript, and integration with third-party web-services and APIs. As well as using our features and Git workflow to push things through to multiple environments.

For more details, please visit https://www.yellowpencil.com/who-we-are/careers/drupal-developer/ or download the PDF below.

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