Webpack, ES6, Pattern Lab, and Drupal 8: Hands-on with Design-System-First Development

Let's roll up our sleeves and get started making a few atomic components in the revamped Particle project releasing in January 2018: http://github.com/phase2/particle

We'll learn how the following features of the project fit together to build Design Systems that are independent of any application or CMS:

  • Webpack bundling
  • Webpack dev server
  • Gulp
  • Iconfont auto-generation
  • Bootstrap 4 integration
  • Javascript and Sass linting
  • Design systems integration to a Drupal and Pattern Lab "app"


Prerequisites (please have installed on any laptop brought to the session!)


  • PHP 5.6+ (PHP 7 is preferred!)
  • Composer 1+
  • Node 6+ (Node 8 is preferred).


This project actually works smashingly on Windows ... Bash on Ubuntu on Windows. Set it up here.

Session Track: 
Deep Dive
Experience level: