The SEO Magic of Structured Data

Search engines have evolved. Results are no longer a simple list of links. Run a query and you'll get a wealth of related information in a variety of visual contexts. You’ll see easy to access, detailed contact and location information. Eye-catching recipes and product reviews. Aggregations of job listings that are easy to scan in an in-engine experience. Browsable discographies with artist details for music lovers. These kind of rich search results give users instant access to the most actionable and shareable content on your website, creating a positive user experience before they even visit your site.

What kind of dark arts are site owners using to create this detailed, rich information that spiders gobble up and use to create meaningful, easy to digest search results? How do businesses maximize their opportunity for this type of featured placement? The answers lie in structured data formats.

Attendees will leave this session with a basic understanding of what structured data is, what formats are available, and what types of structured data will benefit a site the most when it comes to SEO. We’ll also look at how to use these principles most efficiently within Drupal.

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Tools & Techniques
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