Saying “Yes” To The Drupal Community

The Drupal community is a unique one, filled with many different people from many different countries and cultures.There are also many incredibly intelligent people contributing to the project, which sometimes makes attending a camp or a convention an intimidating thing. Just how do you get involved when “looking in from the outside”.

The answer is saying “yes”.

While an incredibly diverse community filled with many talented people, the Drupal community is uniquely welcoming to new people. To get involved, all you need to do is say “yes”. Sometimes it’s saying it to yourself that you’ll go to an event, or approach a group of new people at a conference to talk. Other times it’s saying yes to an invite to join a BOF, or to assist on a code sprint or to attend one of the lively parties after the sessions are over.

Being in the Drupal community now for 8 years, I’ve had numerous times where saying “yes” has led to getting involved deeper and deeper in the community. And from that, I’ve learned so much, made life-long friends, and had some of the wildest adventures of my life.

During this talk I’ll walk through how you too can say “yes” to the community, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just getting started. We’ll have a open discussion on imposter syndrome in the Drupal community and what we can continue to do as a community to battle it. I’ll be including stories and insights from people across the Drupal spectrum, describing their “yes” moment. Lastly, we’ll explore ways to get involved even if you’re not be a developer, or are just starting out.

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Being Human
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