Level Up Your Inclusion

02/04/2018 - 21:30 to 02/04/2018 - 22:30

Diversity and inclusion has been a hot topic in Drupal and the tech world recently. This session will attempt to focus on projects and people who are actively including new faces into the Drupal and tech community, and provide a place for discussion on how these efforts could spread.

Who should attend:

  • People interested in mentoring.
  • Community organizers.
  • Companies looking for worthwhile community efforts.


  • Examples of inclusivity initiatives and their benefits.
  • Practical ideas for creating a stream of new talent.
  • How to find the people? How to get them to show up and come back.
  • Unique challenges of getting from zero to one, vs. future repetition.
  • There is no silver bullet to fix issues around diversity and inclusion.

Last year I was part of a group led by Palantir.net and Digital Bridge Solutions employees to get 6 college-age students from the Baltimore area a free day pass to DrupalCon. The goal was to introduce these people to Open Source, the Drupal community and meet some people in various parts of the web making machine. We immediately asked ourselves "What's Next?" and this session will lay some of that out.

This year we are aiming for a dozen students, partnering with NPower in Baltimore and Genesys Works in Chicago, and getting them all 3 months of training and mentoring, along with a trip to Nashville, if everything goes to plan. We hope this initiative can inspire others to build their own recruiting programs.

In Portland, there is an excellent Meetup "Coding and Career Help" that's a great resource. There are also numerous coding bootcamps and online resources. Our program steals ideas from all these, while trying to remain sensitive to the needs of those we are serving.

Session Track: 
Being Human
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