Git for teams: Go with the Flow

Version control separates order from chaos in software. Git has emerged as the dominant Version Control System [VCS] in the field & is the one with which most developers are familiar.  While folks are comfortable with version control basics (commit, push, checkout), sharing code with the rest of the team requires a bit more than the basics.  Providing a workflow that is both powerful & simple to use is easier than most would imagine. 

What happens when there's  more than one person pushing code though? That's where many good developers get lost, or mistakes start happening; branching & merging becomes critical at this point. Creating a strategy where code can be created in parallel by multiple devs while maintaining functionality isn’t trivial, but it is possible.  Isolating  particular issues while working alongside other developers is critical to reducing regressions & leveling up team coordination.

Does the term “merge conflict” give you night sweats?  Have you lost code due to someone else’s force push?  If any of these have happened, this is the session for you.  

Quick overview of topics covered:

  • Why git?
  • Why branches?
  • Managing upstream
  • Git flow
    • Wunderflow
Session Track: 
Tools & Techniques
Experience level: