Configuration Workflow Automation

We're programmers and it's time to automate configuration management! Without automation, managing and deploying configuration in Drupal 8 is a minor, but relentless chore. Ideally, we want our configuration files stored in the file system. However, the import step in the configuration management workflow is extremely important and cannot be skipped.

The crux of the difficulty is that Drupal must create and update database schema during configuration import. After working for many months to remove this import step, I happened on a solution that fixes the pain points while still respecting the workflow tools that the community has come to rely on. My answer? Automatic configuration import and export when you need it, and only when you need it with a small development module.

I've called it Config Suite, and it will solve pain points managing configuration during site development. Come talk configuration automation with me, and lets work through the future of config in Drupal 8. You'll leave the session with a more detailed understanding of the steps in configuration management and the tool that will save you time and prevent mistakes on every site build.

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Tools & Techniques
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