Component-Based Design: Step aside Drupal, we’ve got this (er, maybe not?)

With the component-based approach becoming the standard for Drupal 8 theming we’re beginning to see some slick front end environments show up in Drupal themes. The promise that talented front enders with little Drupal knowledge can jump right in is much closer to reality. 

However, before diving into this new front end bliss there are still some gotchas, plus lots of baked in goodies Drupal provides that one will need to have a handle on before getting started.

This talk will cover:

  • An overview of the component-driven approach to Drupal theming, including typical tools and workflows, its benefits for teams, and how to leverage it to keep stakeholders happy.
  • A review of the gotchas that can slow down a front ender, such as getting a handle on render arrays, field templating, attributes objects, and libraries.
  • Understanding some of the baked in goodies Drupal provides, and how to keep those intact when building out components. This includes caching, contextual links, inline editing, and more.

This talk is ideal for intermediate front end developers with little Drupal 8 experience, as well as those with some Drupal 8 theming experience that are new to a component-based approach. Attendees will learn the benefits of a component-based approach to Drupal theming, and solid techniques and practices for making sure you’re building a front end that makes the most of what Drupal provides, while confidently shoving the rest aside.

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Tools & Techniques
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