Beyond Websites: Drupal as Data Pipeline for Digital Signage

Traditionally when people talk about Drupal as a tool they immediately think websites.  However, thanks to Drupal 8's API first approach and modern javascript frameworks, Drupal can easily power experiences beyond the traditional web. As more data rich APIs become available, Drupal can be used to accumulate data, identify a variety of devices in an Internet of Things network, and then route data to the appropriate places. More, Drupal’s own rich content management capabilities can still be utilized to enhance this datastream, making it that much more relevant based on location, language, or a myriad of other metadata stored in the CMS. In this presentation we will demonstrate how to use Drupal 8 to power a real-time signage system and discuss the techniques you need to build your own! 

What’s Covered

  • How do data pipelines work?
  • What do they do?
  • How do you get started?
  • How does Drupal fit in?
  • Metrics for success
  • Automated testing


Session Track: 
Tools & Techniques
Experience level: