Bene, a Great Website on a Budget

Smaller organizations, especially nonprofits, are often stuck choosing between a low cost solution that’s not designed to meet their unique needs and a custom website they cannot afford.

On the agency side, growth and success often comes with increased project scope and costs. It's challenging to run the same process for a $500k project as for a $25k one. This further puts the expertise nonprofits sorely need out of reach.

We have experienced this first hand at ThinkShout, as we struggle to serve the grassroots organizations we strive to partner with while also working with leading national organizations like The Southern Poverty Law Center and the Humane Society of the United States.

Our solution to this challenge is Bene, a Drupal distribution geared towards nonprofits based on our years of experience designing user experiences that increase engagement and building tools to power them. We'll explore how to build a compelling and successful web presence, for everything from store telling to fundraising, all within the boundaries of a templated approach. Topics to include:

    •    Creating a flexible system that serves a range of needs.
    •    Effectively using CTA’s.
    •    Exploring best practices for imagery, and solutions for when there is none.
    •    Leveraging open source solutions.
    •    Third party integrations.

Bene offers nonprofits a low cost website tailored to their needs, and built on a platform that can grow alongside them.

In this session we’ll explore the philosophy behind this approach, the process, and some successful case studies.

Session Track: 
Tools & Techniques
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