Call for Sessions

Call for Sessions is now closed! We will announce the accepted sessions no later than Dec. 17, 2017.

The Pacific NW Drupal Summit is now accepting session proposals for the Feb. 3-4, 2018 Summit in Portland, Oregon. Sessions submissions will be accepted through November 30, 2017.

The Pacific NW Drupal Summit is a gathering of technical professionals who work with Drupal in various capacities. We are focused on solving problems with Drupal, supporting one another in personal and professional development, and leveling-up technical skills. We also want to extend a warm welcome to PHP, Symfony, HTML, CSS, and Javascript professionals who want to learn Drupal or share their knowledge with Drupalists.

In the tradition of the Pacific NW Drupal Summits, everyone is sharing their knowledge, experience, time, and presence by attending the Summit. It is a community gathering of Drupal professionals. As such, everyone registers as an attendee, including speakers. (Registration is $55.)

You will need to either register for the conference or login/create a new account on the site before you can submit a session proposal.

Please note: all registered attendees, including speakers, are expected to adhere to our Code of Conduct.

Session tracks

The 2018 Pacific NW Drupal Summit will feature 4 tracks. Update: 30-minute session slots are now 45-minutes plus 15-minutes of Q&A. Feel free to configure your time how you wish, for example, 30-minute presentation + 30-minutes of facilitated discussion, or 45-minute presentation with 15-minutes of Q&A or discussion.

How To

We invite you to submit proposals for 2-hour hands-on sessions or "training lite" where participants of your session will learn how to solve a specific problem in the context of Drupal 8 site development. Example topics:

  • Getting started with Drupal 8 module development (for PHP or Symfony developers new to Drupal 8)
  • Getting started with Drupal 8 theme development (for frontend developers new to Drupal 8 theming)
  • How to port a module to Drupal 8
  • How to port a theme to Drupal 8
  • Migration-related walk-throughs
  • Advanced debugging (frontend or backend)
  • Twig templates deep-dive
  • Use of a theme, module, technique, approach, or technology and how it can be used to solve a certain use-case.

Tools, Techniques, and Case Studies

We invite you to submit proposals for 45-minute presentations demonstrating how to use a tool related to Drupal backend or frontend development, deployment, code insight, or site installation. You will have 45-minutes to present plus 15 minutes for Q&A.

Tools: How are you using certain tools in the context of Drupal 8 site installation, development, and maintenance? Examples: Composer, Drupal Console, Drush, XDebug, other dependency management, automation, or installation tools (npm, nvm, yarn, etc.), Git, GitHub, Project management tools, UX design tools, Continuous integration, Cloud hosting platforms and their tools (including command-line tools), i.e. Acquia Cloud, Pantheon,, Google Cloud, Firebase, etc.

Techniques: How are you solving specific problems? Show us how you are using tools, modules, themes, and other technologies in the context of Drupal 8 site development. Frontend and backend development techniques welcome.

Case Studies: Tell us about your success stories with Drupal 8 site launches!

Drupal 8, PHP, and Symfony

Backend developers: we invite your proposals for 45-minute presentations (plus 15 minutes for Q&A) on Drupal 8 APIs, systems, or concepts including PHP or Symfony. For example:

  • Drupal 8 APIs
  • Drupal 8 Project or Initiative Updates
  • Symfony components in Drupal 8
  • Drupal 8 concepts for Symfony developers
  • Drupal 8 concepts for PHP developers
  • Symfony or PHP concepts that Drupal 8 developers will encounter (services container/dependency injection, object-oriented programming, design patterns, Symfony components and concepts)

Being Human

Sometimes the challenges we face as professionals in tech can't be solved in a how-to tutorial. Fellow humans: We invite you to submit a 45-minute session (plus 15 minutes of Q&A) on the challenges of being human and working in tech. Example topics:

  • Mental health, burnout
  • Self-care
  • Conflict resolution at work and in open source communities
  • Career transitions
  • Life/Work balance

Submit your session proposal today!

Note: You will need to either register for the conference or login/create a new account on the site before you can submit a session proposal.