Scaling Drupal to the Cloud with Docker and AWS

For many of us, there's a big perceived barrier between launching a Drupal site on a single server (or via a hosting provider such as Acquia or Pantheon), and configuring a load balanced, scalable, resilient site 'from scratch' on cloud based services such as AWS.

In this session I will show how we can use Docker and AWS to build a highly scalable, resilient Enterprise-class Drupal site.

I'll discuss how Docker lets us move from a laptop development environment to cloud deployment for live sites. Along the way we'll see how Amazon's various AWS services (EC2, Elastic Load Balancers, S3, Elastic File Service, Relational Database Service, ElastiCache, Simple Email Service, Autoscaling, etc) play together with Drupal.

Much of the setup turns out to be surprisingly easy, but there are definitely some gotchas and challenges to be aware of.

This presentation will be aimed at Drupal developers who have basic familiarity with Unix/Linux server administration. We'll give a brief introduction to Docker, and introduce AWS services as we build out the demo.


I'll divide the slides into two parts.  The first part is available immediately, and I'll upload the second as I complete it.  Part 1 contains links to some gists including the code examples.

Session Track: 
DevOps + Performance
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