Porting a Contrib Module to D8: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

How hard is it porting a contrib or custom module to D8?  It depends, of course, but I'll walk through the easy and difficult tasks of making the Socrata module work in D8.

Having built the Socrata contrib module in D7, we, the maintainers, knew that we would need to port it to D8 at some point.  Now that we've found the time to make good progress, I can share some of my learnings.

This module uses forms, configuration, and most importantly, the Views API to query data from an external source and render it in Views displays.  The forms and new configuration API have some gotchas, but I'll spend most of the session talking about Views plugins and how they compare to the D7 versions.

This session will also be useful for anyone interested in custom plugins and querying non-SQL data for use in Views.

I'm a freelance consultant, based in Seattle, available for hire.  Feel free to contact me at https://www.drupal.org/u/papagrande.

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Code + Develop
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