No more performance anxiety: get your Drupal site tuned and ready to take the stage!

The story

Your new site is ready to go! It's built, developed, themed, and integrated. Breakpoints break gracefully, you've got zilllions of tests passing, and the client has QAd and signed off. You're ready to launch!

...not so fast. Er, the site, that is... is not so fast. On launch, under real load, sometimes nasty surprises await. 

High-traffic sites, sites with external integrations, or sites that have large numbers of authenticated users often run into unexpected performance issues. But with the right planning and tools, we can give our site a full dress-rehearsal. Those issues can be simulated and fixed before the curtain goes up.

What you'll learn

This session will discuss how to:

  • do iterative performance testing
  • build robust and realistic load test scenarios using jMeter
  • find and address performance issues using tools like XHProf and New Relic, and
  • quantitatively measure to improve backend site performance.

The talk will be based around case-studies from real enterprise-scale sites, and discuss specific steps you can take to assess, diagnose, and fix performance problems on sites of all sizes.

About the speaker

Renée Stephen has been making Drupal sing and dance for a decade in the education, non-profit, and government space. She's now a Technical Consultant at Acquia, where she does a bit of everything: hands-on coding, troubleshooting site performance, and leading architecture and infrastructure workshops for clients of all shapes and sizes.


A repository of example jMeter files demo'd is available here:

Session Track: 
DevOps + Performance
Experience level: