Making the business case: Drupal vs. Wordpress

Are you dealing with clients with small budgets? Clients that say “but this is so easy to do in Wordpress, why does it cost so much in Drupal?” With the move to Drupal 8, there is a concern that it will cost even more to develop and maybe it's overkill for small sites. Does it make sense now to add Wordpress to your toolkit? 

At Fuse IQ we face these discussions with clients all the time. Join Jeanne Cost and Tess O'Brien as we give the perspective from a project manager and developer on this timely topic. 

In this talk we will cover:

  • Why we decided to get into Wordpress 
  • Some real case studies where we did the comparison for clients
  • Some pros and cons of Wordpress vs. Drupal
  • What the ramp up time is for themers and site builders


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Business + Community
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