How Telus Mobility Became Drupal Commerce Users

Session Outline - Case Study: How do you talk a $19 billion company into migrating 10 years worth of Enterprise level legacy code to an Open Source eComm platform?

Drupal Commerce powers the configuration and purchase flow, shopping cart, and checkout experience for Telus Mobility, the 28th largest company in our entire nation here in Canada. Processing approximately $25 million annually through this department, $10 million of which through custom built Drupal Commerce solution (and on track to handle $25 million a year through the site starting in 2017…), how do you... 1) land a whale, 2) plan a migration of this scale, 3) complete this build, 4) maintain this monster going forward, and 5) ensuring you still have a profit margin, even with a huge account (you’d be surprised).


The Setup:
  • How did Acro Media and Telus Mobility Meet?

  • What did we have to offer this giant organization that others couldn’t?

    • Flexibility, quick builds, little process, no monthly fees, no feature release cycles


The Punchline:
  • They agreed to move to Drupal Commerce, for real. Now what?

    • Planning a multi-faceted migration

    • Building the tools and integrations

    • It’s live, how do we keep it alive?


The Topper:
  • Did we make any money in this process?

    • How to ensure your company makes profit with high volume development

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Business + Community
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