Drupal 8 Webform: When Contact Form Isn't Enough

Drupal 8 has contact forms in core! Exciting times. But what if you want to do more with form submissions? What if your forms are super long and you want users to fill them out over time? What if you need hundreds of fields on multiple pages and in different languages? There's now a production-ready solution: Webform 5.x, a complete rewrite from the ground up.

Webform 5.x features include:

  • Storing form submissions
  • Letting users actually see those form submissions
  • Building views of those submissions
  • Multi-step wizard pages
  • Form creation and editing as YAML or the form builder UI
  • Switching languages while filling out forms without having to retype anything
  • It's still called "Webform" and thus, isn't different and weird for people who are used to it being called "Webform"


This session is for site builders and UX designers who want to learn about the new options Webform 5.x provides, as well as the best ways to integrate Webform into your organization's form-gathering workflow.

In this talk, we'll discuss:

  • When to use Webform instead of Contact
  • Purging submissions: how not to run afoul of privacy laws
  • Drafts, tracking abandoned submissions, and more
  • Annotating submissions to review
  • Integrating with Rules and Google Analytics
  • Translating forms for multilingual sites
Session Track: 
Design, Theme + UX
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