Don't Build a Death Star

Have you been tasked to build the most powerful weapon in the universe? No? How about a headless Drupal 8 site for an enterprise client with tight requirements? Are you on your first Drupal project and hoping it’s a success?

Whatever your task is, architecture is key. And while putting an exhaust port on the reactor core seems like a good idea, trust me when I say it'll blow up in your face later.

Web development is no different. What seems like a  simple decision at the outset, or an overlooked detail may turn out to cause severe issues later on.

During this session we’ll take a look at how to architect for success on all levels. From choosing the right technology stack (Angular vs React vs …) to how the site is hosted (self-managed vs PaaS) to how the data is modeled (entities vs content types), all these decisions have ramifications on your final product. We’ll discuss team dynamic and what to do early on to ensure a successful delivery.

Throughout it all we’ll also be discussing defense and security. Architecting a solid security plan using a defense in depth approach for every step and every layer will help prevent a young Jedi shooting a proton torpedo through a hole the size of a wamp rat and destroying your hard work.

A session for projects and teams of all sizes this will be an interactive time filled with lessons learned and examples from the real world. Just promise that afterwards you’ll use What you learn for the good of the galaxy and that you won't go build a planet sized weapon of mass destruction.

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Code + Develop
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