Creating your own Slideshow and Content tabs with Drupal 8 Theme Libraries and Slick

When starting up our first Drupal 8 project , we knew the contributed module ecosystem was not up to speed with Drupal 7. However, we also knew that Drupal core, out of the box, was more robust than any of it’s previous versions. Here is where we experienced, first hand, the flexibility and power Drupal 8 theme libraries gave us. While Drupal 7 made it easy to rely on contributed modules, Drupal 8’s new theme layer gave us front-end developers a whole new method to develop our front-end interfaces.

Why is this important? In the case we will review, this allowed us to proceed with Drupal 8 much quicker than we have otherwise. But moving forward, this allows us to use the latest front-end libraries without waiting for a contrib module or diving into custom module development. Themers, can you smell the freedom?

What we will cover

  • An introduction to Drupal 8 theme libraries.
  • How we componentized these features for maximum reusability.
  • Slick, humbly dubbed the last carousel you'll ever need, has quickly become our favourite slideshow library -- we will show you why.
  • How to bring it all together in Twig templates.
  • Creating your own slideshow without relying on a contributed module.
  • Creating your own content tabs (or quicktabs) without relying on a contributed module.
  • Why including this logic at the theme level is a big win for separation of concerns -- Letting Drupal manage content and the theme layer manage display.

Let’s discuss! Bring your questions, pain points and victories for a post presentation chat. Hope to see you there!

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Design, Theme + UX
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