Component Driven Development: Drupal 8, Page Manager, Panels and Paragraphs

Component Driven Design is quickly becoming a designer best practice. Using tools like Pattern Lab designers/themers can rapidly build reusable, nested and consistent components to build out a sites design. Its a great methodology with many advantages; so how as a site builder/developer can we do component driven development.

In this session I'll go through some of the tools we use to implement component driven development. I'll discuss the benefits of using this method both from a site builder/developer standpoint and from a site maintainer standpoint. We'll look at scaffolding a new theme to provide custom page layouts and keep our templates organized. I will also cover some of the twig functions and features that will help you mesh your output to your design components.

Some of the modules and features I'll be covering;

  • Drupal 8 Twig
  • Page Manager
  • Layout Plugin
  • Panels
  • Paragraphs


Session Track: 
Code + Develop
Experience level: