Community: Why it's good for business

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Eryn is a seasoned Marketing and Operations professional with a passion for technology. She has years of experience in B2B & B2C marketing planning, account management, experiential marketing, go-to-market operations, direct sales, and community management. After spending a year traveling the globe full-time through Remote Year while working with Toptal, Eryn became Toptal’s Head of Community. In this role, Eryn leads the strategic development and execution of global online and in-person initiatives, designed to engage and support Toptalers all around the world, for a completely remote company.

What is community in tech?

When most people think of a community, they think of a group of people in one place with something important in common. At Toptal, we may all have a common passion for technology, but we are spread out around the globe as a completely remote company. Although our team and network are entirely distributed, we boast one of the most tight-knit communities in the world: Our team members travel thousands of miles to visit each other, we have multiple events going on around the globe each week, and members of our community are so passionate about Toptal that some have even gotten Toptal tattoos.

How can having more fun result in higher return? It's in the numbers. One of the great benefits of having a remote team is that most of our data is measurable. We find that in more active communities, happier people produce better work. The more fun we have, the more money we all make; what a novel idea.

Check out this session to hear a tangible case study with tips and tricks on how to build community and generate higher revenue for yourself and your companies.


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