Coding Lounge

Hang out in the Coding Lounge at Hotel Deca.

Signup for a Sprint or BoF in the Coding Lounge on the Google spreadsheet linked at Code-Sprints.
Regent Room is available for Coding (23’x24’)
Located on mezzanine (2nd floor of Hotel Deca | PDF floor plan)
Open continuously from Friday Noon to Sunday 6PM
» Friday, October 9th, open Noon-Midnight
» Saturday, October 10th, open 24 Hours
» Sunday, October 11th, open till 6PM
» If room is closed, request access at front desk.


WiFi is available throughout the hotel.
Hotel room guests will have their own WiFi password, and wifi is included with their room.
We’ll have a separate password for anyone who comes in but is not a guest.
Visitors without a room can request a WiFi password at the front desk.
There won’t be WiFi charges for people who don’t have rooms.

For more information about Hotel Deca,
see Location/Accommodations