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Posted by mikeker on September 27, 2015 via Basecamp

Help make Drupal 8 (and Drupal 7) a more perfect product by participating in a code sprint. Never done a sprint before? Don’t like running? No worries, this guide to Your First Drupal Sprint will set your mind at ease.

Not a coder? Not a problem! With a Drupal 8 release candidate scheduled days before the summit, we need testers to test (can anyone say IE?), site builders to start using D8 in real-world scenarios, and folks to help with documentation. If you know how to use Drupal, you can help out at a sprint. There is something for everyone.

Signup on Google spreadsheet so we have an idea of who will be attending and on what days. Don’t worry, you’re still welcome if you don’t signup – this just helps our planning.


Mentors will be available during all these times to help new contributors and to collaborate with veterans.


If you’re new and looking to contribute code, make sure your laptop has a git clone of Drupal 8 installed on your localhost and a code editor. A very easy way to get all this in one place is Acquia’s Dev Desktop (version 2.x) which is a free download. As always, it’s best to do any major downloads (either cloning or downloading Dev Desktop) before you get to the sprint and have to deal with (possibly) limited WiFi bandwidth.

Site builders and testers can do this as well, or can use existing tools such as to spin up the latest version of Drupal 8.

Posted by mikeker on September 14, 2015 at 10:00pm Source

There will be code sprints at this year's PNWDS. During the conference, they will be at the venue in either an additional room or (more likely) a designated space in the open atrium area. We will have mentors to assist new contributors and a core maintainer on hand to help both new and seasoned contributors get the most out of their time.

Details are in flux and will be posted here and on the PNWDS site when they are solidified. Expect supported sprinting on Sat/Sun with the possibility of extended sprints on Friday if there is budget/personnel/volunteers/interest.

Who knows, maybe RC1 will be released during PNWDS! :)