Submit a Session

Session submissions are now open. Submit your session by 11:59pm PST on February 16th!

Each year the PNW Drupal Summit provides a space for our community to come together to learn from one another, build stronger connections, and have a great time together. Sessions presented by the members of our community are the driving force of the summit.

Submitting a session is easy:

  1. Register for an account on the summit website
  2. Log in and set your password
  3. After logged in, click on the button to "Submit a Session" and tell us a title, summary, and description, and add some tags for your session
  4. Fill in some details for your profile so the session committee knows a bit about you when selecting sessions (and you'll want to do that if you get selected)
  5. Check your inbox in early March to see if your session was accepted


How long should my presentation be? The session content should run for about 45 minutes, which includes time for Q&A. Then there is a 15-minute break for movement to the next session.

If I'm selected to present, do I still need to buy a ticket? Yes. Our community-powered summit relies on ticket sales and sponsorships to pay for the venue, food, and materials during the summit. Get a ticket.

I've never spoken at a conference before. Should I submit a session? Absolutely! We're all here for the same reason—to learn from one another, share our knowledge, and create a supportive environment. The summit is the perfect place to give your first presentation. It's also the perfect place to give your 100th!

Does my presentation need to be about coding? No. Our community consists of folks in many roles: project management, design, user experience, development, marketing, communications, site owner, business development, agency management, and sometimes many of these (and more!) all at once. We're interested in hearing from everyone in our community!

If you have any further questions, get in touch with us at